DIY: 3 Hair Masks My Mother Swears By

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I am not going to write a long intro, ’cause I know no one really reads all of that jazz.

So here are 3 amazing hair masks!

1) Fenugreek seed,  also known as Methi Seeds, you should be able to find it in your local Indian Spice Store. Massaging your head every week with fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water can be an excellent remedy for thinning of hair and hair fall. It also is brilliant to get rid of dandruff.


You will need:

1 cup or half Fenugreek seeds,

1 and a half cup water

Soak them overnight, the next morning they will be very soft. Drain the water and blend them with coconut oil or olive oil ( not more than 1tbsp.) Apply it on your hair and let it settle for 30 mins. Rinse with water and wash your hair with shampoo the next day.

2) Go Bananas with this Banana Mask:

This one should help make your hair shine and prevent split ends. 🙂 For this you will need:


1 really ripe Banana, (2 if you have long hair)

2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil ( again depending on your hair length)

3 Tbsp. Honey

Make a paste of the above mentioned ingredients, make sure there are no banana chunks, otherwise you will combing small banana pieces from your hair. Anyway, slather the paste into your hair. Let it settle for at least 15-20 mins and then rinse with warm water. It’s entirely up to you, if you want to shampoo. However, I suggest you don’t.


Yogurt has a lot of vitamins and it’s not only great for losing weight but also for your scalp. It moisturises your scalp and controls grease.

You will need:


Plain Yogurt (quantity depends on your hair length and volume)

1 Tbsp. Olive Oil or 1 Tbsp. Honey

3 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix your ingredients in a bowl, and apply it on your hair. Let it sit for 15 mins and rinse with warm water, then wash your hair with shampoo ( preferably something natural)

Hope these help you achieve your hair goals! 🙂